Age difference in a relationship 😌

Well, this is the final post on the book “Sex as a second language”. I am happy that I read the book. The book was filled with sensual languages and romance but it was very interesting. Back to age difference in a relationship, what’s the biggest age difference you’ve had in a relationship? Also, what’s the oldest guy you’ve slept with?

I don’t think I like older guys but I definitely love matured guys. I know that age is just a number but I am really interested in your comments and replies. And with that, we are done with the book. I will be posting the next book so stay tuned.

Sex as a second language

Distractions during sex

First dates

Hairy situation

Secretive relationship 🤫🤫🤫

Distractions during sex

Darwinwuzright says😏😏

Do you appreciate being distracted when having sex? I mean does f**king not deserve adequate attention and care? How do you feel when you are having sex with a girl and she suddenly picks up a phone call or checks her text messages? Do you get turned on or does your erection get flaccid?

For the ladies, how do you feel when the guy suddenly leaves you in heat and enters the bathroom? When he comes back, do you just accept him and continue or do you put your clothes back on? I personally don’t like distractions during sex but you can pick up a call at the beginning with your clothes on, I just have to make you drop the phone😁😁

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First dates


Who else hates first dates as I do? I mean it is awkward and strange. What to wear? What to say? How to speak? What to eat and how to eat? Some hate girls that eat fast while some despise this that eat really slow. I mean what the fuck do you do on a first date? How do you behave to leave a good first impression?

We all want to be called back for a second date but it is so damn hard. Aaaah!!!!!😩😩 First dates suck! No offence😩

Secretive relationship 🤫🤫🤫

Non-hairy ass😂 Only previous readers will get the joke.

What’s with being in a relationship and keeping secrets from your partner? Nobody loves being in the dark or cast aside by the ones they love. Ariel has been dating Kostas for five months but she had no idea that he was a terrorist. Who hides such crucial information from the one they say they love?

It is a well-known fact that a relationship built on lies and secrets is most likely to collapse in a short time so why not let your partner in into your darkest secret? What’s the use of hiding the secret if it will be discovered at the end of the day leading to a nasty break up? So save yourself the stress today and talk to your partner. Let him or her know that they can trust you. If you have a secret and you are reading this post, drop your phone this instant and talk to your partner. The secret ain’t worth a broken heart.

Hairy situation

It was like watching a documentary on gorilla sex🍑🍑

Based on the book we are reading, I will be posting some pages or statements that caught my attention. If you are new to my blog, you can check my last post to see the book we are reading so that you will be able to follow and not get lost. Alright?✅

When I read about the hairy ass and the way Ariel wrote about it, I couldn’t stop myself from laughing😂.Right now, my imagination is running wild. Full-on coat of fur on the ass cheeks? I don’t ever want to be in such a situation. Imagine walking into a club and after flirting and getting horny, you pull down the briefs of your partner and you are confronted with such a sight, do you run or stay back because you are horny or you feel bad?

But who the fuck keeps mirrors over his bed? Are you trying to see yourself in action or what? Even though this incident was all a lie Ariel conjured up to write to her readers about on her blog, I am certain this is one of the funniest sex experience I have ever heard about. You can write to me about your worst sex experience or what you imagine your worst sex experience to be.

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Sex as a second language

I am sorry😩😩

I know my previous blog post was about a book “The wrongs of a woman” but I won’t lie, I tried reading the book but I couldn’t. The language was not working out for me and I fell asleep still reading chapter one. Some of you might have loved it and if you did, please leave a comment below but if you are part of my troop that couldn’t read the book, let me know below too. I know this is not a good way to start this blog/book club and I apologize.

Let’s treat this as our first book

The book above is going to be the first book we will talk on. The language is easy to understand and the storyline is interesting. We have a week to finish the book and leave comments or reviews. I will be back. Strap on and let’s go.